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Susanne Colwyn | Wed, 22 Jul 2015 10:00:00 +0000 |

Compare cost-effectiveness with volume or leads and sales generated

In this post, I’m taking another look at some data points from our 2015 research, in association with the TFM&A where we asked marketers which were the most effective online media.

The research showed the ongoing importance of the core digital marketing channels and Email Marketing rated highly or very effective by 51% of respondents, followed by SEO (44%) and Adwords (34%). Organic use of social media wasn’t far behind with 32%, but with only 21% believing paid social media was effective.

marketing channel ratings of stats for leads generationIn terms of cost or return for buck, SEO was seen as the most effective by 50% of our respondents.

digital media effectiveness

Our respondents rated SEO as the most highest-rated channel for generating leads and sales, followed by Adwords.
digital media channel for most leads and sales

Using this data we created this Content Distribution review infographic, which is aimed at helping  marketers review the effectiveness of different types of Paid, Owned and Earned media.  In order to promote or distribute their content in generating site visits, leads or sale compared to the level of investment in applying the media measured as paid media costs or the costs of marketing team members.