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Susanne Colwyn | Smart Insights | Wed, 28 Dec 2016 11:00:17 +0000

How workplaces at high-tech social media giants meld work and leisure

According to Edel Mahony’s research, from All Systems Commercial Fitouts, there is a new phenomenon called ‘Bleisure’, referring to the blend of work and personal life, or leisure time and he showcases in his infographic how the big tech giants (Facebook, Google and Twitter) are accommodating this for their workforce through innovative work and social spaces.

Google provide free food for their staff (is this for the staff to work longer hours or to keep them sweet?) and nap pods (for late nights or does a quick nap increase productivity?).

Facebook’s ‘Bleisure’ code is driven to ‘change people’s thinking’ through their work environment by offering cupcake stores, barbeque joints and workable walkways for fast meetings.

Jeremy Myerson, Co-Editor of Time and Motion Redesigning Working Life, sees this new future as the ‘new contemporary workforce where the gates never close’.

This may not be for everyone, although it seems to work for these companies whereby loyalty is rewarded through social and cultural benefits.


Thanks to Edel Mahony, the marketing executive of a company called All Systems Commercial Fitouts, he has produced a stunning infographic on how tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter are shaping the in which we work, and are shaping the work culture of tomorrow.

Bleisure Revolution Infographic