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jclupis | Marketing Charts | Fri, 08 Jan 2016 14:30:40 +0000

Source: QuixeyQuixey-Least-Favorite-Aspects-Mobile-Apps-Jan2016

    Notes: Mobile device owners are slightly more likely to say that they prefer to flip between several apps than to use a mobile web browser, per results from a recent survey from Quixey, which also finds preference to be shifting more towards apps than the web. When it comes to what respondents like least about apps, the storage space they occupy narrowly tops slow and sometimes clunky performance for the top spot.

    While that suggests some frustration with apps’ performance, respondents also said that what they like best about mobile apps is their better user experience (presumably compared to the mobile web).

    Meanwhile, respondents said that having access to all content in one place is their favorite facet of the mobile web, while slow speeds relative to apps are what they like the least.

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        About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 1,059 US adults (18+) who reported owning a mobile device. The survey was fielded by SHIFT Communications from December 7-8, 2015. The survey was weighted against the US Census Bureau Current Population Survey for age, gender, and region of the United States to be representative of the population.