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Mobile Site engagement

Mobile Users are Savvy

Mobile Apps are great when they have a specific purpose and function which benefits the end user. Social Apps are number one and this is no surprise considering 90% of what we do on a mobile device is some form of social activity. But when it come's to Brand Apps the consumer only benefits when there's a need for that Brand's product or services. But on the flip side the Brand is collecting a massive amount of behavioral data on that user. When they sleep, eat, shop and even when they use the bathroom - SERIOUSLY! This reason alone would be enough for most people to ditch the Brand App and jump to a mobile friendly branded site. Beyond the privacy concerns, mobile web gets us to our destinations faster, a well designed mobile site can deliver a unique experience every time we connect with a brand. We can share it no matter the device or app on the receiving side. Games, contests and instant savings are all benefits the Mobile Consumer loves! This is why mobile websites are the number one choice for daily Brand and consumer in-store engagement.

OH - and bathroom breaks aren't recorded!

The Mobile Consumer