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Dave Chaffey | Smart Insights | Fri, 16 Dec 2016 09:00:00 +0000

The latest research reveals the current growth of the ecommerce market

Online retail is a huge and booming industry as the latest retail growth figures show, with sales expected to reach an astounding 1,115 billion dollars this year. From research conducted with SimilarWeb and JBH Marketing we have identified 3 big trends multichannel retailers are acting on this year: Mobile, Millenials and In-store Beacons.

Although overall growth is continuing, interestingly Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other big days for ecommerce purchases were all down on the year before, despite the fact overall ecommerce sales were up considerably. Consumers are increasingly less impressed by these date specific offers so it’ s better to have a strategy which isn’t over-reliant on these days. Year-on-year e-retail sales continue to grow with online sales up to 10% in January 2016 according to the Custora Pulse Ecommerce benchmark. That’s still a lower growth rate than in previous years – we are no longer seeing ‘hockey stick’ growth in major markets.

Check out our infographic created by JBH Marketing to discover the state of online retail 2016 which has other interesting benchmarks – did you know that conversion rates on smartphone are one-third of those on desktop on average?

State of online retail 2016 - Ecommerce growth figures