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Robert Allen | Smart Insights | Mon, 26 Dec 2016 09:00:00 +0000

How Marketers and Publishers Can Tackle the Issue of Ad-Blockers

Ad blocking software is great for internet users, but it can be a giant problem for both advertisers and online publishers. When ad blocking software is installed, both display and pop-up ads are prevented from being served. When this happens advertiser’s potential views or CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) are negatively impacted.

Most ads are typically paid for only after they’ve been served. This means that publishers aren’t paid for visits from any browser that has an ad-blocker enabled. Ad blocking is projected to cost publishers nearly $22 billion in 2015 with publishers losing almost 10% of ad revenue due to ad blocking. This number increases as high as 50% for some websites with teach-savvy readerships. As you can see this is a big potential loss for publishers for something that is outside of their control.

The use of ad-blocking software is on the rise as well which spells more bad news for advertisers and publishers. Nearly 200 million people now regularly use ad blocking software which is a growth of 41% over the past year. All hope is not lost however. Signal, a leader in cross channel marketing technology has put together a really useful infographic that offer’s actionable advice for both publishers and advertisers on how to deal with ad blockers and how to rescue your CPM’s. Take a look at the infographic below for more information.


Thanks to Signal for publishing this infographic