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Robert Jones | Smart Insights | Tue, 08 Nov 2016 16:00:49 +0000

Chart of the Day: we question whether flash sales and daily deal marketing services are still giving customers what they want?

Daily deal sites have taken a few blows over the years, Groupon cut staff and fired it’s CEO, Living Social was eventually bought by Wowcher which was sold by the Daily Mail. Amazon have also closed their daily deals service. But one great insight into daily deal sites is search history, which has slowly declined for 5 years.

The UK is one of the most prominent countries searching for daily deals, Australia, Ireland, Canada and the US also have a pretty strong taste for daily deals too.

Google Trends also reveal that one of the most searched for keyphrase was daily deals.

Searches for daily deals might be declining, and various e-commerce sites who have tried the offering may have reversed the decision or in some cases closed entirely, but daily deals are still in demand, searches for various travel daily deal sites are rising, such as Secret Escapes and Groupon Getaways. Additionally, the sites are not short of products – Groupon and Wowcher stock everyday items like toilet papaper, as well as gifts, experiences and restaurant deals. Customers are getting used to the model and businesses are finding ways of using daily deal sites to cost effectively bring large numbers of customers to them.