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Susanne Colwyn | Tue, 28 Apr 2015 07:10:00 +0000 |

How many businesses have achieved a single view of their customers and prospects?

This new research reviews how successful businesses have been in creating a single view of their customers. It suggests it’s becoming more difficult to gain full visibility of the path to purchase with today’s omnichannel consumer experience and that businesses are still facing many challenges around data and the system infrastructure to support this. Marketers are aware of the importance of trying to move towards a fuller 360 degree view of their consumers, to capture and maintain information at every touchpoint throughout the buying cycle, and how a one-to-one personalised relationship marketing approach can generate return.

This global online survey from Signal, across 17 verticals. delves into these challenges which businesses are facing in the ‘cross-channel world’ and reviews how many businesses are adopting a single viewpoint of their customers.

How many businesses have a single view of their customer?

The survey identifies that although nearly half have a solution in place, just 6% of businesses are happy with the quality of their ‘customer single view’. So it is possible in the eyes of some, but almost unattainable, myth like!

signal survey single customer viewpoint

More that half of businesses surveyed do not have a solution at all, or in implementing one have failed to create a practical solution they are happy with.

Do we believe that these are the main barriers to roll-out?

The survey identifies barriers to the SCV as the inability to capture full data, defragmented system and lack of skills to manipulate and access real-time data. The top challenge is being able to ‘merge profile data’ which results in a gap or rich data – according to 62% of respondents. Is it not practical to overcome these with the access to technology across desktop, mobile sites, social networking and email marketing?

Signal Survey - barriers to single customer viewpoint

According to Neil Joyce, Managing Director of EMA, summarising the report:

 “Cross-channel identity is make-or-break for marketing success in today’s connected world. Consumers are always on via the web, mobile, in stores, and more. Yet, this report shows that marketers globally are challenged to create the seamless experience buyers now expect and demand from brands. We found similar results when we drilled down into feedback from European markets. We wanted to understand the importance of a unified customer view and the issues faced by marketers in achieving it. Results confirmed that marketers need data first and foremost to understand cross-channel identity. However, they currently struggle to cover all channels and close the gaps in their solutions”.

You can Download Signal report – ‘ Signal Global Special Report: Solving the identity puzzle’ (registration required).