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It plays like a crazy George Orwellian science fiction movie - right?   Well sit back because what you're about to read will probably blow your mind!

I want to thank Vikram Shrivastava - Senior Business Development Executive at xhtml junkies, who asked us what we thought was coming down the pipe in respect to the Future of Mobile Technology.

This is "The Mobility Report - 10 Years into the Future"

There are 3 parts to the report:

  • A list of some very cool mobile tech
  • An altruistic outcome made possible by the tech
  • Finally "The Probability List"


Forget about the Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 7

The mobile technology we thought was years away is already here!   It's being tested and it won't be long before it's on the shelves.

Let's do a quick reality check because when we start talking about "Brain Wave Technology" and "Global Consciousness Connectivity" , the first question that comes to mind is "what are you smoking?"

Well the tech is real!

So rather than regurgitating article content about the next generation  technology, we've provided blurbs to right and links to read more.   The tech is way cool and well worth your attention.   Just remember 1 thing as you begin to develop mental business models around this new tech, which you will.   Ask yourself - "Would I use it or do it?"   Your answer is probably the same as your intended audience.

Can Mobile Technology Facilitate The Birth of an Altruistic Society?

We believe the answer is YES! And it's happening right before our eyes!

We could cite facts about the impact mobile has had on our society to validate our position on the subject. Instead, we've provided links and videos so you can come to your own conclusion.

Click here The Mobile Impact

Global Consciousness Connectivity

Sometime in the not so distant future our bodies and minds will interface with mobile, biometric and brain wave technologies. This begs a question - "Would it be possible to connect and leverage the power of the global human race's consciousness?"

Some obvious challenges reveal themselves immediately:

  • privacy
  • individualism threatened
  • corrupt and unethical human rights violations
  • etc..

Or would the ability to problem solve in an instant by accessing global expertise and knowledge outweigh the negatives?

Three Pieces to the Puzzle

Our concept of "Privacy" would be challenged and redefined. The dialogue would be vicious. The Argument, "Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?", would seem almost impossible to solve. Consumer Privacy and our relationships with Brands would ask: "Is delivering extremely precise consumer experiences, made possible by the 24/7 collection of information ( even while you sleep ) an equal or greater exchange of our most private moments or is this all just too creepy?

Our knee jerk response to all this is "NO WAY - MY PRIVACY - I'LL CHOOSE WHO TO HELP - NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO USE MY INFORMATION!". And believe me it will be this loud.

I hate telling you this but your information and daily behavior has already been accessed. And it's being used to determine and leverage behavior. The gathering and analysis is called "BIG DATA".

BIG DATA - Is the timing a coincidence or orchestrated? (a) Both!

What is BIG DATA?

Big data is a broad term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Challenges include analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and information privacy.

I believe we all have a touch of the conspiracy bug. Especially with today's headlines of people exploiting their positions, Government and Big Corporation's inability to secure our personal information, you can't blame us for how we feel. At the same time we're all human and biology get's even the best of us sometimes ( hoarding resources is a fundamental and powerful biological survival behavior which is only surpassed by our sex drive ). So why wouldn't Joe Citizen have a few apprehensions or question the integrity of something like "BIG DATA". The name alone talks down to us.

In 2013 our interactions with mobile, social and the web created 5 exabytes a day ( I didn't even know there was such a thing as an exabyte until recently ). The whole purpose of BIG DATA, and I am positive personal gain is in the mix, is to organize this mountain of data so we can make better decisions. Better decisions reduce waste, minimizes risk, increases efficiency and builds confidence with our target audience. In today's data driven world, ignorance is not bliss. It's darkness and death. BIG DATA, whether you want to believe it or not, sheds light on our path.

*NOTE: BIG DATA positively impacts Small Businesses at a greater scale than Large Corporations. Investing in a BIG DATA tool set should be a top investment priority if not already acquired.

Change Sucks!



We all have our issues with "CHANGE". It can go either way for us, good or bad. And this Global Consciousness Connectivity thing is way BIG! So right about now you're probably all thinking: "There's No way in hell I'm buying into a global conscious collective model!" I don't blame you and I'm sorta with you!

There are some powerful arguments for a global collective consciousness:

  • Reducing or eliminating all crime
  • Advancements in Mental Health would soar
  • Education and knowledge transfer at the speed of thought
  • Oversight of the Impact Corporate Decisions have on Society
  • Knowing where your kids are
  • Knowing the truth (maybe)
  • Etc..

Then there's the argument for individualism:

  • I like who I am
  • Free thought is a biological right
  • I don't want anyone in my head
  • I'm not a puppet
  • My intellectual property
  • Don't forget your secrets
  • I have a dirty mind
  • Etc..

Adults Only!

Although we do believe at some point a Global Consciousness Connectivity outcome is inevitable we don't have to worry about making the big decisions anytime soon. We're just not mature enough to handle the level of intimacy and truth a Global Human Consciousness Network delivers. Society would have a nuclear meltdown.

But in the mean time what does Joe Citizen do with all this crazy cool tech?

Let's just run through one more time:

  • Brain Wave Control
  • Holographic Interfaces
  • Biometric Feedback Clothing
  • Don't Forget Augmented Reality
  • Behavioral Data up the Wazoo
  • a super fast Wireless Communication Device

Joe Citizen will do what they want and will engage with the technology at their own speeds. No different than in the past or today.

The List of Probable Short Term Outcomes

We want your thoughts as well. What do you think will the be the probable Outcomes from the new mobile tech? Post away and we'll add the best to the list.
  • The Retail Industry will continue to dig deeper into the nuances of micro behavioral data to build consumer predictive spending and buying models.
  • The Retail Industry will discover there's no way to determine precisely what a consumer want's or needs at the very moment in time when they may want or need something unless they ask the right questions ( Humans are terribly un-predictive ).
  • We'll join Mobile Holographic gyms and take the work out with us.
  • We'll work out at our Mobile Holographic gym real hard anywhere we want for the first month
  • The Adult Content Industry will need to build a better and faster backend infrastructure to handle the access load from mobile holographic naughty hook ups.
  • Random Mobile Augmented Reality 1 on 1 Gaming Challenges
  • IP and GP based retail outlets (A Field and Stream VR Store at your favorite stream)
  • Augmented Reality and Holographic technology breeds new medical disorders: Total Immersion Syndrome (TIS), Forgot To Eat (FTE), you get the idea.
  • Holographic Pets that require attention at the worse times
The Mobilemadman

If there's one thing I've learned in my 48 years it's:

If we can think it - we can make itDrake LaDue

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