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JC Lupis | Marketing Charts | Wed, 19 Nov 2014 14:00:02 +0000

Source: US Census Bureau [pdf]CensusBureau-Demographics-High-Speed-Internet-Users-in-2013-Nov2014

    Notes: Last year, 83.8% of US households reported computer ownership, with 78.5% having a desktop or laptop computer and 63.6% having a handheld computer such as a smartphone. Overall, 74.4% reported using the internet (most commonly via a cable modem – 42.8%) and 73.4% a high-speed connection. Looking at individual characteristics, high-speed connections were most prevalent among Americans aged 35-44 (82.7%), Asians (89.3%), and those in the Northeast (81.7%).

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        About the Data: About 4.2% of all households reported household internet use without a paid subscription – these were not included in the demographic analysis. High-speed internet indicates a household has an internet service type other than dial-up alone. The data excludes those living in group quarters (i.e. nursing homes, correctional facilities, military barracks, and college/university housing).

        The data used in the report comes from the American Community Survey which surveys about 290,000 households each month.

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