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Mobile Diversity

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Mobile Diversity

  • There are more mobile devices than there are people on the planet!!
  • There are more than 3.1 million mobile apps (Android and Apple Combined).
  • 90% of our mobile behavior is some form of social communication.
  • And the profile of the mobile end user spans from mobile device novice to expert, across every generation and every culture

We the "Mobile Experts" have a mantra I am sure you've heard - "What ever you do, it must be relevant and your end user must be able to execute their desired outcome (reason for connecting with you via a mobile device) within 90 seconds!"

OK, so let's run the numbers again. In the US alone there's more than 300 million smart devices used by every age group, every language, every income level, every culture etc… These very different mobile end users can and will connect with you at some point over the life-cycle of your organization. Oh and BTW - if your mobile site doesn't cater to their request in the short time you have - just say good bye! They leave within 10 to 15 seconds if your page loads slowly, forget about them ever getting to your pricing which is lower than the competition's! Like a slow loading page is your fault! (it might be or it might not be your site's fault - but a light weight mobile page is a smart best practice. At least the first page they might land on.)

Ok this is insane, right? How is the average brick and mortar local or even a mid-sized business going to find the resources to build a different mobile experience for this many different personalities and manage the mountain of data that comes along with it?

Here's your answer - YOU"RE NOT! (At least not today). It is almost unimaginable but even a "BIG DATA" house like IBM is challenged when managing the amount of information generated on a daily basis by the mobile end user. Precisely delivering a personalized unique experience to each end user sounds like George Orwellian science fiction. But mobile technology will get to a point where it will deliver a completely personalized experience the very moment in time we request something.

So what do you do until then?

Here are some simple but effective ways to build long lasting relationships with your mobile audience.

  • Be sure to send them to the page they need. For example: If they're looking for directions, send them to a page that allows them to get directions, don't waste their time with your "About Us".  We recommend adding a positive client comment and a call button that auto dials your nearest location.
  • Use QR Codes and SMS (texting tools) strategically and obviously placed through out your store to add an extra layer of in-store experience or help
  • Offer a social layer to your brand's mobile experience, other than share or like us. Ask for help, recommendations about new products or can we help your community etc...
  • Ask them to sign-in or check-in. Don't ask but two or three questions when they do. You'll have the chance to ask them as much as you want through out your relationship.

Mobile is Multi-Channel

Your Mobile Audience is really a Multi-Channel Mobile Audience. This means they use their mobile devices in conjunction with other media outlets.   Such as Social Networks, TV, Radio and Digital Signage.   This is awesome news for your marketing department and their budget!  They'll reach more people by using the different media outlets available to them.  Then use the end user's mobile device as the front end interface which binds or wraps  all the media channels into one dashboard!

Multi-Channel Campaign Ideas:

  • Take something as simple as your store front windows. You can easily turn this space into a digital experience only available after you close. Just set up a shop behind a QR Code or an NFC Chip and drive people to your store for a midnight deal or special event.
  • Turn a radio add into a treasure hunt with an SMS Keyword and Short Code to get them started with a map. Then send them on a hunt to scan QR Codes placed through out a city or park.

Being "Mobile" means so much more than a set of buttons that fill a screen properly. To the end user it's become a personal assistant. A lifeline to friends. A way to stay connected to the world and the "THINGS" which matter most to them. And if properly executed, your Brand can be one of those "THINGS" they love and share!

The best suggestion we can offer you, when it comes to a Mobile Multi-Channel Experience is, "What would motivate you to build a relationship with a brand?"


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