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Mobile Website Builder Subscription Monthly

$25.00 / month with a free trial of 3 days and a sign-up fee of $0.01

The Mobile Website Builder is great for:

  • In-Store Engagement
  • Event Campaigning
  • Internal Communications
  • Digital Collateral

What’s included in your subscription:

(example: Insert only the name of your site. If you wish to use your own URL/domain, we will provide you with instructions on how and what you need to do after you're signed up.

Check this box if you are interested in setting up your domain on this installation!

Product Description

Included in your subscription:


  • 30 page Mobile Friendly Site Builder Subscription
  • Global and Page Level SEO/SEM
  • Global and Page Level Layout Control
  • Multiple Language Support
  • 3GB of Storage


  • Slider
  • Accordion and Tabs
  • Image
  • Youtube
  • V-Card
  • Add Menu
  • Image Gallery
  • Full WYSIWYG Editor

  • Forms
  • News list
  • RSS Feed
  • RSS Feed Reader
  • Colorbox lightbox
  • Audio Widget
  • Image and File Repository
  • Headings

  • MailChimp Widget
  • Search
  • Sitemap XML
  • Keyword List
  • Nested Columns
  • Alternate hreflang
  • Add File
  • Simple Map
  • HTML/Code Embedder

We support all native software, templates and plugins which are included in your subscription package.

We do not support any changes or custom code edits that are not native to your subscription package.

User custom code or 3rd party purchased code support will incur an hourly rate charge of $30.00/hr USD. If the custom code or error in question can not be fixed, we ( a division of Brand X Mobile Inc.) reserve the right to remove the code from the system completely and will restore the most recent back-up of the site/s. We (mobilution a division of Brand X Mobile Inc.) can not be held responsible (can't sue us if you or the third party code/plugin broke your site beyond repair) pertaining to but not limited to the loss of data and or site functionality. We (mobilution a division of Brand X Mobile Inc.) will hold the subscriber responsible for any incurred costs (Time and Material) related to the repair. If payment is refused, we (mobilution a division of Brand X Mobile Inc.) reserve the right to replace the content within the subscribers site. The subscribers financial obligation will not be publicised nor will we (mobilution a division of Brand X Mobile Inc.) slander or in any way damage the reputation of the subscriber. If payment is not received within 60 days from the original support ticket date we (mobilution a division of Brand X Mobile Inc.) reserve the right to shut down the site unless other provisions have been made and both parties have agreed upon an alternate solution in writing. So don't break it or run it by us first! 🙂


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