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Robert Allen | Smart Insights | Mon, 12 Dec 2016 16:00:00 +0000

Chart of the Day: Most businesses address just three or more market segments with their content marketing

Marketers who are focused on campaigns, creative and marcomms can get a narrow view that marketing communications (that’s content, social, ads, SEO, outdoor, video, you name it) are actually only one part of the marketing puzzle. But the smart marketer knows that spending time to develop accurate buyer personas and properly plan different strategies for targeting market segments and buyer states is also crucial.

The results of a survey which asked over 600 B2B Marketing professionals about their use of content marketing shows that plenty of content marketers are wising up to the need to properly segment their market and target different buyer personas and stages with different messaging and content formats.

Half of the companies were addressing three of more market segments, whilst almost half were addressing three or more buyer personas and buying stages. But worryingly almost a fifth of respondents, despite being professional marketers, were ‘not sure’ if they were targeting any number of buying stages. 1 in 6 were also not sure if they were targeting any market segments of buyer personas. Clearly there is still plenty of room for further education when it comes to applying marketing concepts to content marketing.