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28 February 2016 · By Sarmad Ali

QR codes give Jang Media Group competitive edge in classifieds market

28 February 2016 ·

By Sarmad Ali

In Pakistan’s increasingly competitive market for digital classified ads, Jang Media Group has maintained its strong position by innovating. Sellers can now add information-rich QR codes to their print ads.

Jang Classified ads enjoy unrivaled reach in Pakistan, reaching millions of readers every day. To enrich the experience and add value for readers, Jang Media Group has taken a bold new initiative in the world of classified ads: introducing QR codes in its print classifieds.

The QR code can be scanned to access photos and videos about classified ads in the automobile and property sector. 

QR codes associated with the print ad make it easier for readers to respond via smartphone.

Jang classified advertisers simply ask for the QR feature at the time of booking. They receive a unique code on their mobile number they used to register the classified ad. They can then log in to the Jang QR classified Web site, which is sent via SMS, using the unique code. Here they can upload photos and videos related to their advertisement in Jang Classifieds. 

The QR code gives sellers the ability to stand out from other advertisements by giving more information to potential buyers. 

The QR code takes readers directly to the ad they want to view.

Readers see the QR codes embedded with advertisements in the Sunday edition of Jang Classifieds. They can use any QR reader app on their smartphones to scan the code and see pictures and videos of the automobile or property advertised. 

Readers love this feature because they can quickly see more information about what is offered and easily narrow down their options, which saves time. 

The QR code takes readers directly to the ad they want to view.

Jang has been the leader and most trusted classified source for customers for decades. However, recently print newspapers have come under threat from various classified online portals, particularly those in automobile and property space.

With this major new innovation and development, Jang has clearly shown it is the classified leader and is going to stay there for a long time to come.