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I was so disappointed

If you’re going to use a QR Code expect people to scan it!

A few Weeks ago CBS dedicated an entire CSI Cyber episode to a serial killer who marks their victims with QR Codes. Boy was I excited!!
CSI Cyber QR Code #1
CSI Cyber QR Code #3
CSI Cyber QR Code #4

Disappointed yet again!

There were actually 5 QR Codes in total but I gave up scanning after seeing the results.
CSI Cyber QR Code Result 1
CSI Cyber QR Code Result 2
CSI Cyber QR Code Result 3
CSI Cyber QR Code Result 4

Don't Blame the QR Code, It's the Creative Team's Fault

Once again there's a disconnect or a lack of understanding as to how to engage your mobile audience by using a mobile Quick Result Tool like a QR Code. 20% to 40% of your mobile audience will scan a QR Code and 52% of Mobile Consumers are less likely to engage a company after experiencing a bad mobile experience. In today's world a mobile experience determines whether there's a long term Consumer-Brand relationship or none at all. No matter how you feel about the QR Code or any mobile Quick Result Tool, I don't know a single company willing to let even 1 potential long term client get away!
*** FYI - Now I’m sure it has nothing to do with the lack of mobile audience engagement but CSI Cyber was canceled just a week after this episode aired. Maybe if they had a mobile strategy paired with the QR Codes they would have lived to air a 3rd season.

I See Dead QR Codes?

If QR Codes are dead then why do I see them everywhere? Or is it just another Walking Dead Spin Off?
  • Appliances
  • Office Supplies
  • Produce
  • Electronics
  • Vape Supplies
  • Food Storage
QR Codes are everywhere! Stop listening to the nay sayers!
The QR Code is far from dead and they're going to get another big boost from Big Brand by end of this year!


SmartLabel™ was created to meet the consumers' desire for more information about the products they use and consume. Consumers will be able to search or scan for detailed and consistent information about nutrition, ingredients, allergens, product usage and advisories, and brand information.

It Might Be Your Mobile Large

I Don't Believe You Know What You're Doing

I know for a fact, because I've been told to my face, that most design agencies don't like using QR Codes because it mucks up their pretty designs. But I thought the whole purpose of advertising and design was to engage consumers? I guess I'm wrong or is it that design agencies are lacking the technology skills to successfully launch a Mobile Quick Result Campaign (not all and when I find the design agency mobile optimized stat I will post it)? It is my opinion that this is more the truth than anything else.

Get QReative!

Enough about the mutilation of the QR Code and the mobile experience. Instead of going down a list of what you can do or the best ways to position a Mobile Quick Result Tool, take a look at the video. In my opinion this ranks as one of the best and most creative ways to use a QR Code!