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It wasn't that long ago when a music fest/event only offered a 1 dimensional experience. At best you could buy a poster or a t-shirt for posterity. Audience participation included holding up lighters (very safe practice -- NOT!) or singing along. Cameras and recording devices were confiscated.

Today "THE EVENT" has a life span and if "THE EVENT EXPERIENCE" is a positive one, reincarnation is almost guaranteed. Over the next few years "THE EVENT" industry will see growth and an increased ROI. This is mainly due to how we leverage technology and audience's participation before, during and after the event.

Brand X Mobile is bringing to the table a plan, the tools and the expertise to make PropellerFest not only a success but an industry leader. We've put together a brief presentation where we'll share some ideas on how we can:

  • increase audience participation
  • expose new revenue streams and execute them in real time
  • build in value added benefits so exhibitors achieve their desired outcome

Check In

Our fist goal is to start building an audience we can push dynamic content, promotions and event resources to. We're recommending 2 types of mobile quick result connection tools at the entrance:

  • SMS
  • Facebook Beacon

Beacons can be placed anywhere and have about a 150 foot radius. The end user experience is almost seamless. They're notified via their facebook app if they would like to check in.

SMS is second to e-mail when it comes to mobile user communication apps plus just about everyone knows how to text.



Our second goal is to get them to build event profiles so we can relevantly target our content, promotions and event activities. Heineken, a few years ago, set up a booth, got folks to enter some basic profile information and used stickers with QR Codes which the audience placed somewhere on their body. This allowed for other audience participants to scan them and sorta get to know each other. It was a big success at the time.

This opens the door for a contest with a live feed of who's getting scanned the most. Not to mention your exhibitors can collect data for future marketing efforts.

The Exhibitors

The third goal- supporting exhibitors so they achieve an ROI. We can offer 1 or 2 "Free/Included" Solutions and Several Fee Based Solutions:

  • A free text push to the audience
  • Provide them with the list of folks who checked in at their booth(free but non-exclusive)
  • Provide them with their own SMS keyword (fee)
  • Sponsor a Contest(fee)
  • A tiered SMS or Social Push Model they could manage on their own through out the show
  • A small shop section in our mobile environment(fee/rev split)
  • I'm sure there are more

Digital Sponsorship Opportunities All Around Us

Signs and banners become digital portals for purchase. Offer exhibitors and big sponsors the opportunity to engage the audience through quick result tools like NFC, QR Codes and SMS printed on your banners and signs. With offers like:

  • Scan for a free Drink
  • Fun Mini Games and contests
  • Cool, Fun and Unique content
  • Once again there's soo much more we can do!

Stage Presence

Using the screen behind the artist, your audience can tweet and text comments which are seen by everyone. The audience loves this! Of course its monitored and managed. But here's some thoughts outside the box:

  • Sell the musicians content
  • Additional sponsorship placement
  • Announce winners of contests
  • Instant wins for things like Sharing the most, being scanned the most etc...
  • General Announcements
  • We're only limited by our imaginations

We're Digitally Different!