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Robert Allen | Thu, 23 Jul 2015 11:00:00 +0000 |

It’s worth reviewing your rankings since this is the first update for 10 months

Importance: For SEO managers

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We’re rating this alert 5 since Google hasn’t updated Panda for over 10 months and previous updates have had a huge impact on many businesses. Google says its latest algorithm change, is being rolled out, but slowly and it will affect 2 to 3% of search queries. There is limited info on it directly from Google – they have just given the word to @RustyBrick. This is called Google Panda 4.2, and is Google’s first change to its ‘Panda’ algorithm for 10 months.Google panda

The previous algorithm change; Panda 4.1 was a significant update. It aimed to identify low quality ‘thin’ content better so it could be downgraded in favour of better quality content on small and medium-sized sites. That was great news if you already had a great content marketing strategy for SEO that was producing quality content and slotting it into a defined editorial plan. However, if your organisation was a bit behind on digital and didn’t have the quality content Google looks for then you will probably have seen your site visits drop considerably.

If you’ve been pro-active in producing good quality content that isn’t just click bait, then this latest algorithm change could be good news for you. It is certainly good news for those sites that were hit by the last Panda update but have since adopted better practice. They may not see a sudden jump in traffic, but can expect to see a healthy growth in their organic rankings over time.

Google has stated that this latest change will be rolled out very slowly, and may take months to fully roll out. So although there is a chance you will see an immediate change to your site visits, I would suggest this is unlikely. Google said the update would update 2-3% of English language queries. This may not sound like much, but remember that is still 700 million searches per day that it will affect.

Image credit: PiattiLeti