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Robert Allen | Smart Insights | Fri, 07 Oct 2016 15:00:00 +0000

On average only one-third of businesses have a process for funding tech innovation across the whole business

Our quarterly focus on digital transformation is soon to end, as we pivot to a new focus on eCommerce marketing. But whilst we’re on the subject I thought it was important to highlight the lack of process in place for even larger businesses when funding technology innovation.

Technology innovation will be what brings in the customers of tomorrow. Those businesses who’ve used the latest tech to create the best products and the most seamless customer journeys will be the ones winning in the years ahead.

Yet only a minority of businesses actually have a formal process in place across the business for funding technological innovation. The best performers were businesses with a turnover of over 250 million dollars, but even they had only a minority of 45% that were using formal processes established across the business. Smaller businesses had even lower rates of adoption.