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a mobile first marketing, strategy and technology firm

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing increases your margins. Engage your consumer throughout the shopping experience to optimize your Mobile Marketing Dollars.

mobile strategy

Mobile Strategy

The right mobile strategy partnered with the right tools, build long term relationships with your mobile audience!

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology solves everyday B2C Challenges for the Local Small Business first by being cost effective while producing quick results.

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"Mobile technology impacts every aspect of our Global Ecosystem and continues to redefine how we interact with each other and our environment"

Brand X Mobile is a mobile first marketing, strategy and technology firm. We focus on building Awesome Mobile Experiences! In addition we design, manage and support an organization's web, social and marketing efforts.

Team Mobile
Drake LaDue CEO The Mobile Madman

Drake LaDue - The MobileMadMan

Drake: CEO - Brand X Mobile, C0-Founder - aka The MobileMadMan

Arek Matusiak CTO Brand X Mobile Co-Founder mobilution

Arek Mateusiak - Evil Alien Gummy Bear

Arek: CTO - Brand X Mobile, Co-Founder - aka Evil Alien Gummy Bear

Juli Bronk Creative Director Brand X Mobile

Juliana Bronk - The Queen Bee

Juli: Creative Director - Brand X Mobile and aka The Queen Bee

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