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Robert Jones | Smart Insights | Tue, 20 Dec 2016 16:00:55 +0000

Chart of the Day: Key Financial Services Industry Marketing Trends

There were 347 million mobile payments made via banking apps in 2015. This is a rise of 54% compared with 2014. In addition to 417 million payments made via internet banking in 2015, a modest 2% rise from 2014.

The chart comes from a report by BBA, which is the UK’s largest trade association for the banking sector. The report found:

  • With 40,000 financial app downloads a day in 2015, this is a 25% increase on 2015. The question for the beginning of 2017 is, what will 2016 show?
  • There were also 4.3 million mobile banking logins in 2015 and 11 million app logins a day.
  • There were 15 million Contactless cards issued in 2015 and 250% annual rise in spending using Contactless cards.
  • There were just 71 bank branch visits a day in 2015.

Source: BBA 

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