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JC Lupis | Marketing Charts | Thu, 05 Feb 2015 14:42:17 +0000

Smartphone-owning Millennials (19-33) are more likely to expect brands to have a mobile-friendly website or app (55%) than they are to expect brands to have a social media presence (39%), according to recent survey results from Annalect. The study, which examined respondents’ attitudes to technology and its use by brands, also finds that many expect brands to offer mobile payments.Annalect-Smartphone-Owning-Millennials-Brands-Tech-Use-Expectations-Feb2015

While smartphone-owning Millennials’ expectations for brands’ technology use ranged from product customization (37%) to the creation of engaging digital content (41%), it’s worth noting that 44% want brands to still maintain some form of human interaction.

Nevertheless, a brands’ use of technology can be a competitive differentiator. Indeed, asked to choose whether the technology being used by a brand or the brand’s name would be more important when making a product or service purchase, 52% chose the brands’ use of technology. Interestingly, though, that majority was due to males’ clear choice for technology (58%) over brand name (42%), with females opting for brand name (53%) over technology use (47%).

Among the various positive perceptions associated with brands’ technology use:

  • 39% agreed that they remain loyal to brands that are up-to-date with tech;
  • 39% agreed that tech adds value to a brand; and
  • 33% agreed that they are more likely to recommend a brand if it’s tech-savvy.

Finally, technology can be used as a method for discovering brands. Some 55% of respondents said that app stores have helped them discover brands, while 47% noted that someone else following, liking, pinning, or tweeting info on social media had helped introduce them to a brand.

About the Data: The Annalect study is based on 3,077 interviews with smartphone-owning Millennials (19-33) completed in a series of monthly national surveys from April to September 2014. The sample was representative to the US Census.

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