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Robert Allen | Fri, 12 Jun 2015 11:00:00 +0000 |

Optimise all your posts for maximum engagement

This detailed infographic shows you the optimal image/video dimensions for all the different visual forms of posts you can use for marketing on Facebook.

When setting up an ad in Facebook, your ad spending is split between desktop, newsfeed, right hand column and mobile newsfeed. To ensure it looks perfect in all these mediums, it is important to know the correct image dimensions for each different kind of post.

Every pixel counts

As the infographic points out, if the image in your ad is less than 470 pixels across it will render as a thumbnail, which will not have the same effect. So make sure to use the correct sized image or you will loose out on referral traffic.

Optimise for Mobile

It is also worth noting that mobile makes up a huge amount of Facebook’s traffic. Of the 936 million people who use Facebook daily, 798 million do so on mobile devices. So make sure your images come out well on mobile devices as well as on desktop.

Remember the aspect ratio

As well as pixels, it is also important to check image aspect ratio’s, so you don’t end up posting images completely the wrong shape that come out cropped or stretched and thus de-value the fantastic visual assets which you’ve put time and money into both creating and promoting. When creating visual assets for Facebook ads, remember that there is a limit of 20% of the image containing text, so you really have to keep any text you have on your images to a minimum if you want your ad to get past Facebook’s filter.

Test and analyse

In order to best optimise your Facebook ad spend it is important to tract referrals and conduct split testing to see what is most effective for you.

A useful tip for measuring Facebook referrals is to remember that mobile Facebook referrals are from a separate domain ( This means they can be measured separately when viewing Google’s traffic reports, so you can assess varying levels of success between desktop and mobile campaigns on Facebook.

Use this infographic to never get your Facebook images wrong ever again!

Thanks to Techwyse for this infographic

Facebook image dimensions

Later this week we will releasing an in-depth guide on Facebook ads, available for expert members. If optimising your ad spend on Facebook to get better ROI is one of your marketing objectives, consider upgrading to expert membership so you will be able to access this fantastic resource.