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Drake LaDue CEO The Mobile Madman


CEO - Brand X Mobile and C0-Founder -

Drake LaDue CEO Brand X Mobile digital business card

The MobileMadMan

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  • Mobile User Experience Design 100%
  • Business Intelligence 85%
  • Sales and Marketing 90%
  • Video Design 85%

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I'm an expert in mobile marketing, mobile tech and mobile marketing strategy, I've honed my skills and knowledge during the past 5 years while working in the mobile market space. I've helped write mobile best practices strategies for some of the world's largest corporations.

More importantly I love helping people.

I am a true believer in the fact "Knowledge is Power". The more information we have the better we become. With that said, our children are our most important resources and we need to do a better job at providing them with the tools to access and interact with the global information readily available to all of us as we go through our day to day functions. This is why we're giving away to every school district a mobile website builder. Help us build a better future for our children and subscribe to one of our mobile website builder subscritions.

Give a kid a smartphone and they'll play games all day; teach a kid how to design for smartphones and you'll give them a career!