jclupis | Marketing Charts | Thu, 07 Jan 2016 14:00:24 +0000

Source: Parse.lyParse.ly-Digital-Publishers-Most-Notable-Media-Trend-of-2015-Jan2016

    Notes: The most notable trend in digital media last year was mobile overtaking desktop traffic, per results from a recent Parse.ly survey of hundreds of media companies around the world. (Of note, mobile surpassed desktop in terms of time spent on the internet back in 2013, per comScore data.) Yet with AdMonsters research suggesting [download page] that smartphones are the toughest devices to monetize for publishers, it’s probably not a big surprise that publishers responding to the Parse.ly survey overwhelmingly see monetization as the biggest challenge for the digital media industry this year.

    Meanwhile, social distribution (21%) was a larger trend in 2015 than ad-blocking/viewability (16%) and analytics helping drive content strategy (16%) for the Parse.ly survey respondents.

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