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aligning desired outcomes

"There are at least 2 Desired Outcomes for every engagement"

The Organization's and The End User's

Aligning the two desired outcomes produces a WIN-WIN scenario. Build in a community "Give-Back" program and you have The Trifecta of outcomes "WIN-WIN-WIN".

Mobile Marketing can be very effective at building a long term relationship with your audience. But most fail for a bunch of reasons. The first reason that comes to mind - No clear and easy path for the End User to reach their desired outcome. Most mobile designs and/or optimized sites are designed like websites. Lot's of information about the business. The mobile consumer is "mobile" and probably short on time. They are more likely to purchase your products and services but if you waste their time they are more likely to leave your mobile site not come back and buy from your competition. We suggest you take the time to build 3 very easy and clear outcomes for the mobile consumer to choose from. Also the mobile device has become an experiential device. Build a destination or a story, not just a way for your audience to buy something (don't become a mobile commodity), they're more likely to share or come back on a regular basis if you do so.

Are Marketers Leveraging Data-Driven Insights For Their Top Priorities?

Are Marketers Leveraging Data-Driven Insights For Their Top Priorities?.


A short list of best practices:

  • build in 3 desired outcomes
  • minimize the business fluff
  • build a compelling reason to come back
  • always attempt to build a "WIN-WIN-WIN" scenario

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