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JC Lupis | Marketing Charts | Thu, 03 Aug 2017 13:00:28 +0000

Some 63% of US digital video campaigns on the Videology platform used behavioral targeting during the second quarter of this year, according to the company’s latest quarterly update [pdf]. That’s up from the past few quarters, although other targeting options remain more popular.

Indeed, all of the campaigns running on the platform used demographic targeting, as they have since the beginning of last year.

Geographic targeting was the next-most popular form, used by 86% of digital video campaigns on the platform. Demo and geo targeting have been the two most popular since the second quarter of last year.

Among behavioral targeting segments, Auto and Demo were the most commonly-used this past quarter, followed by Lifestyle and Shopping & Retail.

Other TV/Video Ad Trends

Videology’s report also points to several other trends.

  • The use of first-party digital targeting data continues to grow. During the first half of this year, one-quarter of TV campaigns used first-party data.
  • Spending on linear TV campaigns has also been on the rise, with a 150% jump quarter-over-quarter.
  • A majority of campaigns had a connected TV component, as connected TV ad requests have soared by 300% over the past couple of years.

In other data from the report, viewable rate was the second-most common objective behind view-through rate, with 87% of those choosing to use the MRC standard for viewability.

Separate data from Extreme Reach [pdf] indicates that 61% of digital video impressions met the MRC standard for viewability in Q2, up from 51% during the year-earlier period.

About the Data: The Videology data is based on 1.9 billion total impressions during the second quarter.

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