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First Impressions Influences B2C Long Term Relationships.

The digital consumer wants a relationship with BRANDS. The first step in building the BRAND - Consumer relationship is heavily influenced by their first digital experience. So if their first experience is disappointing the opportunity for a long term BRAND to Consumer Relationship is gone!

78% of Consumers prefer a Mobile Friendly Site

for daily tasks like shopping or searching. But about 80% of the time they're disappointed for a bunch of reasons. The designer/builder:
  • didn't care
  • didn't know any better
  • had little to no experience in mobile site design
  • didn't have access to the right tools
  • wasn't in the budget to have a mobile firm build it

RFID Moves Into The Big Leagues

Drake LaDue, CEO of Brand-X-Mobile, was not at FanFest and wasn’t privy to enjoying and wasn’t privy to enjoying the scanable feature on the large cards. But after the event, he experienced some frustration when trying to scan something with a QR code he found online

Are Marketers Using Insights Gleaned From Phone Calls?

Few marketers and e-commerce professionals (predominantly based in Europe) agree that they use insight from phone calls to tailor on-site content (40%) or off-site advertising (27%), according to results from an Econsultancy study [download page] produced in association with ResponseTap. The survey data also shows that fewer than half track the sales or lead value […]

US Smartphone Users’ Interest in Mobile Wallet Activities

Source: UPS / comScore [pdf] Notes: Among online shoppers, roughly 4 in 10 smartphone users say they currently use or would consider using their smartphone to find or redeem coupons, according to the latest annual Pulse of the Shopper study from UPS and comScore. Other mobile wallet activities currently used or in consideration by this […]

How Smartphone-Owning Millennials Expect Brands to Use Technology

Smartphone-owning Millennials (19-33) are more likely to expect brands to have a mobile-friendly website or app (55%) than they are to expect brands to have a social media presence (39%), according to recent survey results from Annalect. The study, which examined respondents’ attitudes to technology and its use by brands, also finds that many expect brands […]

Weekend Reading, 11/14/2014

More than 7 in 10 online consumers in the US believe that it’s important for brands to reward them for being loyal customers, a sentiment shared by 65% in the UK, 92% in Brazil and 71% in China. That’s according to a recent study [download page] from Razorfish, which also found at least half of […]

Loyalty Rewards: Millennials Enticed by Hands-On Experiences

Source: LoyaltyOne Notes: More than 8 in 10 US Millennials (18-29) report that they’d be more likely to shop with a grocer if they could redeem rewards or loyalty program points for a session or consultation with a chef or nutritionist, per LoyaltyOne’s research, with that figure being significantly above the overall general population sample […]

How Quality-Driven Affluents Prefer to Shop

Consumers who often pay more for good quality are still value-driven, with the vast majority shopping around to make sure they get the best deal (83%) and needing to be sure they’ve considered all options before making a purchase decision (72%), according to a recent study [download page] from iProspect. The survey was fielded among […]

QR codes on rental cars can improve the customer experience

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These companies are using quick response codes in a number of ways to assist their drivers.

Among the latest trends in the use of QR codes has been that of rental car companies that have been posting the barcodes on and in their vehicles, so that they will be able to learn more about the vehicle that they have rented.

Moreover, these quick response codes can even direct the driver to a dealership that is local to them.

That feature can be very handy for drivers who have rented the vehicle and who liked it so much that they would consider buying one, once they return home again. This has encouraged some rental companies to enter into agreements with vehicle manufacturers so that they can both benefit from the marketing opportunity that stems from this customer education feature. All of this type of information would be difficult to include in the vehicle in printed form, but with QR codes, it makes it possible to store all of the information online in a way that is very convenient for customers to access.

These QR codes help customers to overcome one of the primary concerns expressed by rental car customers.

QR Codes Used For CarThough some customers try to find out what kind of vehicle they will be receiving, ahead of time, so that they can look them up and learn more, rental car companies will often end up changing the car based on availability, which can throw off the driver’s preparations. Adding a QRcode to the car lets rental customers scan using a smartphone so that they can take the time to discover the features of the vehicle. This allows them to best take advantage of all of the various safety and comfort options.

Other rental companies have also added the ability for customers to scan the QR codes so that they can learn more about their new location. This can include information such as maps, attractions, local events, and other points of interest that they may want to check out while they are in the area. All of these tools can enhance the customer experience through convenience and practicality.

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