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BRAND-X-MOBILE Announces the Release of MOBILUTION.IO
A New Evolution in Mobile Builders &
pay it forward program – educational licenses given FREE to school districts!

Contact Information

Drake LaDue

CEO Brand X Mobile
Phone: 919-257-3977 | Brand X Mobile
the next evolution in mobile friendly site builders. |
(919) 257-3977
Address: 5504 Pelham Road
Durham, North Carolina 27713

Durham, NC – BRAND-X-MOBILE announces the Launch of MOBILUTION.IO©, which closely follows Google’s roll-out of what has been deemed #MOBILEGEDDON. Websites that aren’t deemed “mobile friendly” will lose their rankings in Google searches unless they can pass through their newest algorithm. Google has been warning users since February that they’ll all have to change the way mobile is built to ensure that their potential customers can still find them easily on their smartphones. Moreover, Google now strongly recommends that companies don’t have just a mobile site, but a true mobile “experience.”

UNTIL TODAY there hasn’t been a single builder just for mobile, that allowed you to build with expert guidance. If a simple and robust, fully integrated builder wasn’t enough, our customers are able to get 24 / 365 expert support that goes far beyond “how do I change a color?” We can help with any kind of campaigns, contests, email blasts or texting services. MOBILUTION.IO© will also offer Webinars along with a constantly growing library of smart tip videos. All of this will go into creating a community of businesses that can communicate with one another about which best practices work best for a “restaurant” or a “salon” mobile site.

And once it’s built, everything will be tracked through Brand X Mobile’s Biometrics On-Line Analytics Platform. In addition, subscribers will have access to an expanding library of articles, stats and best practices. Any stat needed is one click away.

Many small companies and business owners just don’t have the time, design resources or technical abilities to create their own mobile site, even with the current mobile builders in the marketplace. MOBILUTION.IO© gives the user a single entry dashboard that allows anyone to build, manage and create mobile sites with simple social, mobile and local integrated tools. When companies create mobile sites with social and local marketing advantages and well designed experiences, they create relationships not just mobile web pages.

Websites, mobile optimized sites and mobile web sites? So why does Google really want companies to build all three digital environments? Responsive websites are built to move a website’s buttons and content around so they fit in a mobile browser. The mobile consumer/end user want’s more than just buttons. They demand and expect relevant experiences based on the specific moment in time they connect with an organization via a mobile device. When the consumer’s experience is positive an organization reaps the rewards of a potentially long term relationship with this consumer. Google has recognized this and recommends companies and organizations build all three digital environments. Google wants businesses to tailor the end-users mobile experience to be relevant. Mobile can’t be a one-size fits all. People are engaged with mobile devices 187 minutes a day. We only watch TV for 141 minutes. Our smartphone are within an arm’s reach of us 24/7. But mobile is still in its infancy. Mobile search has improved drastically over recent years but truly requires the organization to be proactive and utilize Mobile SEO to help navigate the consumer. Designers need to integrate Big Data information into their design and relevant consumer behavior. Templates won’t create relationships. MOBILUTION.IO© will.

MOBILUTION.IO© is available TODAY 5/12/15 in BETA

The MOBILUTION.IO pay it forward program

“Give a kid a smartphone and they’ll play games all day; teach a kid how to design for smartphones and you’ll give them a career”

Mobile has redefined our entire ecosystem and impacts our global community in ways we couldn’t even imagine just 5 years ago, Brand-X-Mobile feels so strongly about supporting the future of mobile, that we are a making a stand and challenge every mobile firm to do the same. Every time MOBILUTION.IO© reaches one of the benchmarks listed below an entire school district will be chosen and will receive the builder absolutely free!

Currently MOBILUTION.IO© is running an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to help build a larger staff to even better serve the needs of our mobilution subscribers and community!

Drake LaDue, CEO of BRAND-X-MOBILE says

“A responsive website is good, but mobile sites are now a critical part of the mix. Large or small, if a potential customer looks at your website on a phone or tablet, it better be a good to great experience to convert them into a customer. Google “gets” this. Unfortunately this change will alter rankings so dramatically today that companies will all be watching their statistics drop. When stats drop, those are real customers that didn’t make it to your door, real or virtual.”

Brand-X-Mobile is a full service design and marketing agency with an emphasis on mobile, and mobile software developer. Its CEO, Drake LaDue has been a pioneer in mobile in the US. He’s been at the forefront of the mobile industry shaping groundbreaking mobile experiences. Brand-X-Mobile was opened in 2013. Being a small business and a family business, Brand-X-Mobile has chosen to donate the builder to schools with every purchase. The first educational license will be given to Durham Public Schools in Durham, NC. The district has a middle/high school, The School for Creative Studies, which will be given the software as well as on-site support to teach the next generation of great mobile builders and designers.