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Arek Matusiak CTO Brand X Mobile Co-Founder mobilution

Arek Mateusiak - Evil Alien Gummy Bear 😉

CTO - Brand X Mobile, Co-Founder -

Arek Mateusiak CTO Brand X Mobile digital business card

The Evil Alien Gummy Bear

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  • WordPress Genius 89.5%
  • Digital Problem Solver 98.5%
  • Business Process Coder 94%
  • Front End Designer 96%

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Arek is one of the most sincere and honest people Brand X Mobile has ever had the pleasure of working with. After just a few weeks of working with Arek, we quickly realized he was more than a WordPress and front end designer. So we offered him the CTO position. As our relationship progressed we decided to offer Arek a full partnership in the mobile hybrid app website builder project.

He has a passion for photography, music, perfection, secure and safe digital environments.

His nickname, The Evil Alien Gummy Bear, comes from this statement; "I am the evil alien gummy bear. Soft at heart but BEWARE! My eyes shoot laser beams guided by my radar antenna to track and destroy all bugs with impunity." So you see, he's really one of the good guys!

Our clients love him and he goes that extra step, every time, to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied. We are fortunate to have met and work with such an impressive young man.