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Too Much to Choose From

I get asked daily, by our clients, about automated social, no coding necessary and build it yourself digital and design tools. And more often than not the request is driven by a perceived concept of saving money or increasing profits. We can't blame them, we're all guilty of the same behavior. Here's the reality, clients are exposed to, more than ever before, an overwhelming amount of "Do It Yourself" design and digital tool options. Hey, we at Brand X Mobile promote serval "Do It Yourself" tools ourselves.
We'll take our client's request then test the tools and sometimes they work but more often than not the "saving money" paradigm is really a shift from one cost to another. And I can't tell you how often the client never touches the tool and we end up with another tool set to learn and support. To add insult to injury, and if the client actually uses the tool, the client's design and build skills are just not there. Although most "Do It Yourself" tools work, here's why most don't work for clients.
unoptimized site 1

The reasons why clients aren't qualified ad designers

  • Most client's aren't tech people
  • Most tools require the same amount of time and focus as what is being replaced
  • They're good at what they do
  • They're not mobile, digital and/or design experts
  • They're not mobile/digital consumer behaviorists (getting them to review they're analytics on a regular basis is like pulling teeth)
And VIOLA!, the client produces a negative end user experience. This ultimately leads to a failed campaign. This has a direct impact on the client which relates to less sales and all for what? Saving a few bucks! And a failed campaign negatively impacts an agency's and/or print outlet's bottom line at so many levels (even though you had nothing to do with the campaign's failure).
Currently we're working on a Newspaper Mobile Ad white labeling portal which allows an ad buyer to manage and build their own mobile ads. (yes another DIY except theres live expert mobile designer help, pre-made KISSME templates/layouts and a live review before you go to print so this way we end up with a positive end user experience instead of a negative one) and we came across an ad which we decided to test from a consumer's point of view. See what we experienced below.
unoptimized site 1

What's wrong with this picture?

The ad wasn't intended to be a mobile ad and we had to type the url in, but almost 81% of consumers will research a company on line before making a purchase. 48% of consumers are frustrated by poorly designed mobile experiences. 52% of consumers are less likely to purchase from a retailer if they had a poor mobile experience. Once again this wasn't the publication"s nor the client's fault. But a failed campaign falls on the agency and/or the outlet (at least in the client's mind). Gotta blame someone, right?

Recommended (Print to Digital) User Experience

  • Have as many options for the mobile user to get to the ad. (I know a lot of people think the QR Code is dead but in reality scans are way up. More and more people scan as the user experience improves) Scan to see a live mobile ad model
  • As suggested with item 1- add a commercial text code. To view this on your phone if you don't have a QR Code Scanner - text "restdemo" to 59769. Always include the following compliancy message anywhere you use a commercial text code- "message and data rates may apply, text "stop" to opt out and "help" for help"
  • Add an NFC "TAP HERE" chip to the ad.
  • Make sure you clearly display your web address:
  • Be sure to have the proper re-direction set up so this way the end user is directed to the proper device landing page. Type the above url in your phone to see the difference between the web page and the mobile page.
restaurant qr code demo

How to Instructions

If space allows, it's always a good idea to help your audience experience your ad. For example:How to Text/Opt-In Open your phone's texting/messaging app. Type the letters "qrs" (minus the quotation marks) in the message section, then type 59769 in the "To" section. Then hit send and follow the instructions. This text code get's you a free QR Code scanner with no in app ads!
Some screen shots below to see the difference between the actual ad and what we would have recommended.
See the difference?
By letting our client save a few bucks we get thrown under the bus. Our chances of a client sign off on the next project are drastically reduced.

We want to here from you

So what do you think? Obviously most client's aren't qualified nor do they have the expertise to design and build digital or print ads. But how would you handle the "Mr. Client - this really won't work and we don't recommend this" conversation? For a more in-depth look at why we think the print market ad buys are down and a solution to the problem, please visit the demo: Newspaper Market Presentation